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DUI / DWI Help Center
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OptimusLaw DUI / DWI Help Center

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  Drunk Driving
   What is a DUI/DWI?
   What's the difference between "drunk driving" and a DUI?
   What is driving under the influence?
   What is a DUI offense?
   How drunk do I have to be to be charged and convicted of a DUI?
   What are the signs of a drink driver?
   How do police officers determine if a driver is under the influence?
   What are field sobriety tests?
   What are blood alcohol tests?
   Is there a national drunk driving standard?
   What should I do if I'm stopped by the police?
   What do police officers look for during a traffic stop?
   Can I refuse to take a blood alcohol test?
   Can I choose which chemical test to take?
   Do I have the right to talk to an attorney?
   Should I admit to drinking?
   Does an officer have to read me my rights before asking me any questions?
   What are illegal per se laws?
  Defending Against A DUI / DWI Charge
   Should I talk to a lawyer?
   Successfully defending against a DUI charge?
   What are my chances of plea bargaining for a lesser offense?
   What are Miranda Rights?
   What is implied consent?
   Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) Levels
   Probable cause
   Can I get an independent blood test?
   Repeat offenders
   How much will it cost to fight a DUI / DWI?
  The DUI Legal Process
   Booked on DUI Charges
   Entering a Plea
   Can I represent myself?
   What are the chances of winning in court?
   What evidence is typically presented?
   What penalties do first time offenders face?
   What penalties are handed down for repeat offenders?
   Consequences of a DUI / DWI conviction
   License Suspensions
   DUI Treatment and Evaluation
   What is ignition interlock?
   Avoiding a DUI / DWI
  Federal DUI Issues and Information
United States Government Web Site
Federal Courts
United States Code
United States Statistics
Law Library of Congress
United States Constitution
Bill of Rights - United States Constitution Amendments I-X
Amendments to the United States Constitution
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  DUI Statistics & Internet Resources
   National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)
   US Department of Transportation
   Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
   US Dept of Transportation Bureau of Transportation Statistics
   Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD)
   National Commission Against Drunk Driving
   FBI Crime Reports
   Bureau of Justice Statistics
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OptimusLaw® - The Best Way To Find A Lawyer(sm)OptimusLaw® - The Best Way To Find A Lawyer(sm)OptimusLaw® - The Best Way To Find A Lawyer(sm) 
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